Kawasaki ZX10R by BC Performance


ECU Reflashing

The latest in ECU reflashing technology is available at BCperformance. Reprogramming ECU’s on fuel injected motorcycles has become popular as riders strive to get the best out of their motorcycles. We use Woolich and Rexxer equipment to carry out the reprogramming of the ECU’s on most makes and models. Please give us a call on 02 9191 2915 to see if your bike is available to have the ECU reprogrammed.

ECU reprogramming allows for the following modifications:

  • Improve fuel maps
  • Improve ignition maps
  • Improve secondary throttle maps
  • Adjust RPM limiters
  • Disable exhaust valves
  • Eliminate factory error codes
  • Retain or Adjust factory traction control settings
  • Remove top speed limiters

On some models we can also:

  • Adjust ram air maps
  • Adjust Quickshifters
  • Adjust injector balance maps
  • Adjust fan cut in temperature
  • Enable wideband 02 sensor
  • Disable 02 sensor

Give us a call on 02 8607 7044 or email us at info@bcperformance.com.au to discuss your needs.